Semi Complete Wood Photo Box

Texture Cream - Looks & Feels like Canvas

Sugar ‘n Spice

Photo Plaque/Blocks Instructions

· Paint the edges and back of your plaque, block or canvas. After it is dry seal with a glossy or matte sealer.

· Have your photo printed on luster/matte not glossy photo paper

· Put clear drying wood glue (not yellow) on the front of the block/canvas; be sure to coat the edges well. Smooth glue with a sponge brush. Place your print on the plaque/block/canvas.

· Smooth out any bubbles with a soft cloth

· Let dry for 25 minutes

· With a spoon pour a small amount of the PHOTO TEXTURE CREAM onto your picture. Quickly roll a textured rolling brush through the cream and evenly spread around the photo.

· When using PHOTO TEXTURE CREAM observe the following precautions;





· Dry and display.




* Orange Paint

*Green Paint

* Brown Paint

* Mod Podge

* Spray Glitter (gold)

* Scrapbook Paper (for leaves)

* Wood Glue

* Wire

* Vinyl Initial (optional)


1. First lightly sand all wood to remove any rough edges

2. Paint both pieces of the pumpkin orange (solid wood & bead board). When painting the bead board, use light strokes so the paint doesn't go into the grooves of the bead board.

3. Paint the stem green

4. Trace the leaves onto your choice  of scrapbook paper. We used two different patterns but you can do whatever you like best.

5. Then, paint the leaves brown. You only need to paint the edges and back. The front will be covered with the scrapbook paper

6. While those dry, lightly sand the edges of both pieces of the pumpkin

7. Using the brown paint, take your sponge brush and dip into the paint, then using a paper plate or paper blot the brush so most of the paint is out. Then lightly take your brush and paint the edges of both pumpkins and leaves. You can also cover the bead board to give it some brown accents.

8. Take the Mod Podge and spread it over both leaves and place the cut out scrapbook paper leaves on top. Press firmly and smooth with a clean cloth so there are no air bubbles. Let that dry then put another coat of Mod Podge over the top and let dry.

9. If you have a vinyl monogram place that on the bead board

10. Using the wood glue place the bead board on top of the sold pumpkin piece. Press firmly and allow to set.

11. Take the wire and feed it through the holes at the top of the leaves and stem of pumpkin, and twist around a pencil or the handle of the brush to give it a curly edge.

12. Once everything is assembled spray a light coat of spray glitter and let dry.

Waaaa Laaaa you're done.



Witches Boots HOW TO

So Sugar 'n Spice had our very first craft night!! Woo Hoo! So I thought since I was taking photos of all the fun we had any way I would just add a few photos of each steps to make the boots. So here we go... Supplies you will need:



Black Paint

Purple Paint

Orange or Bright Green Paint

Gold Paint

Bright Shoe Laces


Elmer's Glue

Halloween Material

Hot Glue/Gun

(we used zebra striped bandanna's - any fun Halloween colors or print would be fun)

12" each of Bright Green & Purple Tulle

6" each of 6 different ribbons

Spray Glitter


Step 1: Paint both boots black, leaving the bottom and top 'sock' blank. You only need one coat.


Step 2: Once your black is dry paint the bottom of each boot purple. One crafter did hers green - we loved it!! What ever flys your broom, right?!!

Step 3: Once the bottoms are dry you can then paint the top of each 'sock' the color of your material. We had orange and green zebra stripped so hence the orange top!! The material will cover the rest so you don't need to paint too far down.


Step 4: Take the Elmer's Glue and place a small amount into each shoe lace hole.


Step 5: Next take the end of one shoe lace and starting at the top hole place the tip of the end of the shoelace into the hole, and using the toothpick push the lace as far into the hole as you can. Not going through, just far enough it will stay when the glue dries.

Then take the lace and cross to the opposite side skipping one hole (just like you would your own shoe =)) using the toothpick push the lace as far in as you can so it will stay. See image below.

Continue all the way to the bottom then begin the same process up to the top. You will have a little excess, just trim it off with scissors.


Step 6: Take your material and using the hot glue gun glue the material so it wraps all the way around the 'sock' area. Scrunching it so its not entirely flat.


Step 7: Take scissors and shred the tops of each 'sock'


Step 8: Using a toothpick and the gold paint, paint a small ring around each lace hole. OK I forgot to get a photo of this- but you can see it in the photo below...wheww!


Step 9: Take both pieces of Tulle and wrap around the bottom of your material and top of boot. Start to tie a knot but stop half way. Then take your ribbon pieces and lay them all on top of the knot. Then complete the knot. *see below


So close and So cute!!


Last but not least - take both boots outside and spray with the spray glitter.



Ohhhhh so cute!!! I'd wear those! Right ladies?



We would love to see how your boots turned out - please email us at

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